The Commune of PEPINSTER is involved...

On 28 May 2018, the TANCREMONT museum was inaugurated in the presence of the Mayor of PEPINSTER, the President of our Association and the owner of the ENSIVAL museum.

On its car park..

When you come to the museum, you will discover two American battle tanks M41-Walker Bulldog (Cal:76mm), M46A1-Patton (Cal:90mm) and a M44-SP howitzer (Cal:155mm) that belonged to the Belgian Army during the period between 1952-1974.

The Fort Room.

You will admire exceptional pieces, exits from the fort and refurbishments: from the 4.7 cannon of the MONT casemate to the various Belgian munitions used at the fort.
Documents and weapons complete the display cases, as well as the JU87 SC250 (STUKA) bomb belonging to the StG77/II.

Wink on the second room.

In the windows, you will discover Belgian and German military uniforms and hairstyles and a representation of a local of the resistance.

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